This is a question, my partner, Kristen Rockford, and I have been asked over and over again…

Truth be told, we’ve loved the whole journey and feel that the Steamboat Movement Fest is one of the best ways we can be of service to others.

There’s a great deal of craziness and injustice in the world today, including the injustice we do to ourselves. How we treat ourselves, how we talk to ourselves, and how we see ourselves is often more unjust than the way we see, and respond to others.

The mission of the movement fest is to support one another in finding their own truth. We have faith that if we can create a space for people to connect more with love, gratitude, compassion, kindness, and connection within themselves, it will trickle out into the world. Change must start from within.

What we can do to serve ourselves and all beings is to cultivate these necessary elements of peace, love, and gratitude with fierce kindness. Where there is hate may we show up with love. Where there is war may we offer loud and proud actions of peace. Where there is intolerance may we offer the grandest display of acceptance and sweet compassion. Where we see difference let us celebrate. Let us honor our differences; own and share our own uniqueness with boldness. The world needs each and everyone of us to come alive.

Our hope is that everyone who attends SMF will leave with a deeper sense of belonging and connection with all beings. At the same time we hope ALL are able to walk away with more compassion and love for the Divine Self within, for that is where true change can begin. And in turn, this will all trickle out…

Steamboat Movement Fest is a call to action – a movement of true peace and love. We will no longer stand by and wait for peace to find us. As Gandhi so wisely expressed, “We must be the change we wish to see in the world”. Come join us in helping to create and demonstrate love, kindness, compassion for ALL. We need you! Let’s create a movement.

See you on the mat!

Talaya Thomas & Kristen Rockford
Steamboat Movement Fest 2016

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