About Powerboat Racing

If you own a Powerboat and want to experience a rush of adrenaline, check out Powerboat racing. You would find a host of venues, racing circuits, boat classes, and racing levels – to suit your racing admiration levels. Powerboat racing is very much like car racing, with several variants. The different kinds of races are offshore racing, Time Trials, Classics, Regetta, and yearly racing events in Canada, the United States and some parts of the United Kingdom, and the country of Eurasia.

Primarily, Powerboat racing is of two types, namely, Inboard and Outboard. The names are indicative of the type and location of a Powerboat’s engine. Races are held separately for each type of Powerboats. Some associations govern the two kinds of Boat races. Founded in 1913, The American Powerboat Association, called APBA, governs the Inboard Powerboat racing, besides also being associated with Outboard groups and clubs.

The APBA has a membership of 6000, a number which is growing. It is also affiliated, or even loosely associated, with Boat organizations in Australia and New Zealand. The APBA has made divisions across the country, splitting it into regions for better administration. The Seattle Outboard Association (SOA), an association specializing in Outboard classes such as Stock Outboard, Professional Racing, Modified Outboard, and Electric Outboard, is affiliated with the APBA.

Powerboat Races – Where, How, And When Are Powerboat Races Held?

The associations conduct the races for different classes. These include “flyers” or Crackerbox, “runabout” the oldest in Inboard class, the rum-running boats – Jersey Speed Skiff, Pro Stock Runabouts, National Modified, and Super Stock. Powerboats, depending on the type and class, may reach speeds over 170 Mph.

These racing events are held by the schedule of APBA, from March to November, with exciting names such as “Thunder On The Niagara”, which is a racing event held in the county of Tonawanda, in New York, or even the “Annual Run for Records”, which takes place in Yelm, Washington State. The APBA conducts over 200 authorized regattas every year in Canada and United States. The APBA is partnered in Canada by Canadian Boating Federation (CBF). Move information can be found on their website http://www.cbfnc.ca/.

Interest in Powerboat Racing has been ever increasing over the years, with its popularity spreading into several circuits and Team Sponsored racing events. The other racing associations are the CBE, SOA, the Powerboat Association of Australia, Jersey Speed Skiffs, and the Super Stock Association. Along with these clubs is the APBA which also directs the clubs, schedules and organizes events at various levels, and classifies or creates the different classes. The APBA aims at providing the most visually spectacular event, with more thrills for the racers too.

Working with the APBA are numerous Powerboat racing clubs, associations, teams, and, of course, the fans of Powerboat racing in the countries of United States, Canada, and the rest of the World.