Amanda Jaten

Join the Movement August 15-18, 2019!

As a yogi and rockhound, Amanda began creating with natural gemstones and learning the art of malamaking over 4 years ago.  She created a line of high quality gemstone Mala Kits under her brand, MeraKalpa Malas, to share her love of mala making and to inspire others to live with intention.

“MeraKalpa” is a blend of 2 words: Meraki, and Sankalpa… “Meraki” is of greek origin and it means to create and put your heart into your work.  “Sankalpa” is a beautiful Sanskrit word to describe an intention which honors the deeper meaning of our lives.  These words come together to best express what the art of mala making means.

After 10+ years as a professional in the corporate world, Amanda chose to follow her heart and pursue a life of meaning and intention with MeraKalpa Malas.  Her Mala Kits were recently featured in Yoga Journal and Amanda now travels in and out of the country hosting Mala Making Workshops.

Each Mala Kit is making a difference!  MeraKalpa Mala kits are assembled with love by the nonprofit, Beacon Group, in Tucson, AZ.  Beacon Group creates opportunities for people with disabilities.  They provide training, development, and access to real work for a segment of the community that traditionally bears a 70% unemployment rate. This work gives purpose and meaning to their lives and they feel fulfilled to contribute to society.

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