Ari Halbert

Join the Movement August 15-18, 2019

A licensed acupuncturist, holistic nutrition coach, Qi Gong instructor, and registered yoga teacher with over a decade of experience, Ari brings a diverse and multi-disciplinary approach to his work. With a keen attention to detail, Ari’s teaching style is succinct, highly personalized, and imbues a deep care for integrity of movement.   His background in engineering and in-depth study of both biomechanics and human anatomy serve to help clients recover quickly from injury and achieve greater overall stability and quality of movement.

In addition to his academic endeavors, Ari has spent many years gaining direct knowledge under the guidance and tutelage of Sung Baek, a 74th-generation Korean acupuncture master, and Nevine Michaan, founder of Katonah Yoga, whose mentorships have offered invaluable insight into the more esoteric aspects of Chinese Medicine, Taoist Philosophy and the yogic healing arts. To work “smarter, not harder” is Ari’s personal motto, and one can see this ethic carry over in to his teaching via his deep commitment to helping students move with more integrity, correcting dysfunctional movement patterns, and allowing them to move with more efficiency, fluidity and ease.


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