Join the Movement August 15-18, 2019!

BethyLoveLight is a Conscious Hip Hop Musician who creates and performs Anthems for Avatars. Her entire mission is to help awaken and inspire the Peaceful Warriors of this planet to continue creating a healthy, sustainable, evolutive world. BethyLoveLight has created her own genre known as ‘MUZOETRY: Conscious Musical Poetry, which incorporates the synergy of an ecstatic variety of bodacious beats and rhythms cosmically combined the luscious lyrics of Truth, Beauty, Goodness, Equality, Sustainability and Freedom for all. All her work is original and she creates both the music and the lyrics. Her intent is simple: By listening to Conscious Music, we can harmonically unite and unify our collective body, mind and spirit for the Highest and Greatest Good. You can find this Avatar on SoundCloud, YouTube, Reverbnation, Jango Radio, and at and

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