David Bernstein

Join the Movement August 15-18, 2019!

David Bernstein, wellness entrepreneur, founded Life Force Project to share his passion for
travel, well-being, self-discovery, and adventure.
After a decade of working in real estate investment and feeling lost within a materially
lucrative career David embarked on journey of a lifetime. Committed to leading a truly
authentic life he began to travel through South America in search of deeper meaning and
Following his three-year global exploration and journey of self-discovery, David created
Life Force Project with the dream of curating experiences of a similar nature. LFP is
David’s modality to create environments conducive to mindfulness through connecting
with inner and outer nature, expanding our potential by being “present” and evolving into
infinite possibilities of life. Simply to Connect. Expand. Evolve.
Being able to create opportunities for people to enjoy nature, practice yoga and
meditation, cultivate awareness and connect to the “life force” is the real gift for David.
No cult-like gimmicks or promised enlightenment – just authentic, fun experiences that
can harness the positive energy inside of us.

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