Jacqueline Harrell

Join the Movement August 15-18, 2019

Jacqueline is a long time wellness enthusiast and mother of five. She is a certified yoga sculpt and Les Mills Bodypump instructor. Jacqueline believes that motherhood is just one of the many journeys upon which women can embark and that the female identity is not defined by this one beautiful role. She believes all women can be stronger and more radiant than they ever imagined after childbirth, no surgery or mommy makeover required.

Jacqueline has a keen interest in and expansive knowledge of primal health, which is health and nutrition founded in evolutionary biology. She is currently pursuing a primal health coach certification so she can help people looking to be the best version of themselves. Jacqueline also holds a BA in International Studies and enjoys embracing other cultures and viewpoints. Ultimately, she believes fitness, nutrition, and connection to nature are paramount to elevating the spirit. Her classes reflect this philosophy with a mix of strength and power balanced with kindness.

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