Jeremy Wolf

Join the Movement August 15-18, 2019!

Jeremy’s interest in mind and body began with martial arts, and later meditation became his doorway into yoga. He received his initial yoga certification in India in Classical Yoga and has completed his 500hr certification through Rod Stryker’s school of ParaYoga. He is a reiki master, certified yoga nidra instructor in the Satyananda and Amrit methods, and a music producer/label DJ for France’s Ultimae Records and Chile/USA’s Ovnimoon Records. His weekly classes and trainings seek to embody the richness and holistic practice of yoga’s deeply spiritual origin.

Solo (moon is a yoga and meditation instructor, reiki master, DJ and music producer. His electronic and tribal-influenced DJ sets can be heard at local and international festivals, ecstatic dances, and yoga classes. As a label DJ for both Ultimae Records (France) and Ovnimoon Records (Chile/USA), he has played a spectrum of inspiring gatherings around the US as well international festivals in places such as Italy, Greece, India, South Africa and Panama. His trance and downtempo DJ sets seek to combine intelligent melodies, tribal rhythms, organic textures, and ethnic emotions in an attempt to transcend genres and cultures by consciously exploring the evolution of spirituality through technology.

“Yoga is not about proving your greatness, it’s about remembering it.” -Jeremy Wolf

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