Jill Minard

Join the Movement August 15-18, 2019!

Inspired by the transforming power and her profound love of yoga, Jill Minard created Yoga House Houston to share this beloved science with family, friends, associates and the world. Certified in Hatha Yoga (National Association of Certified Yoga Teachers (NACYT), Lex Gillian, The Yoga Institute Houston, Texas) and Kemetic Yoga (Master Yirser Ra Hotep, Montego Bay, Jamaica), her focus is quieting the mind, nurturing God’s gift (the body) and Feeling Good!  In a soft, subtle, serene, yet stern and inspiring tone “breath by breath, allow the body to enjoy the journey into each and every posture,” says Jill.  In her class one will experience grace, poise, discovery, patience, endurance and dexterity for a total mind body and energy connection.

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