Kate Tregan Rowe

Join the Movement August 15-18, 2019

I am passionate about connection and continually search for the bravest parts of myself to step up and into the world. I continue to learn and open to the exquisite, tender and deeply vulnerable edges which are shown to me through all the relationships in my life.

I am a Creative Communicator who supports people to cultivate connection and intimacy in their lives and relationships. This is my passion, it is what I love, and I am continually awed and delighted at where life takes me. I am currently living in Durban, South Africa, my company is Explorare and I am one of the founders of the Hopeseed Foundation, a not for profit, working with at risk and vulnerable children across South Africa.

This is what I know as truth, feelings matter, how we treat and connect with ourselves and others matter.

The world we live in is not okay. We judge more than love, we harm more than we support, we disconnect to survive, instead of connecting to thrive.

I trust in connection, I believe we need to support each other to grow, so we can be better friends, lovers, parents, kinder strangers and compassionate enemies.

My own journey has and is both beautiful and challenging. Many times, it felt like I was face down on my belly slowly crawling through a swamp. To find more spaciousness and ease within myself, it took growing my ability to be present to what I am feeling, developing the essential skills for connection and being committed to navigating the tough and painful parts of my life. I know when I avoid what feels painful or challenging, I limit my capacity to feel joy, be in trust and flow with life. I have grown my capacity to sit in uncomfortable places and cultivated my ability to communicate clearly. It has made all the difference.

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