Kris Rowse

Join the Movement August 15-18, 2019!

Astrologer. Teacher. Life Coach. Sound Vibration healer. Event Guru. Mama. Wife. Loves FUN, Funky Style, and the Outdoors!

About 4 years or 4 lifetimes ago, I found or re-found astrology and energy healing and have been navigating a pretty fun and wild ride since then!  I have my own private practice in Steamboat, CO.  The planets are my passion and I love to share the beauty of how they unfold in each person’s chart.  I love to share the humanness of our charts, where the gifts are and where the challenges lie and through the chart reading, coaching, and sound vibration help my clients with their Soul promise.  I love teaching people how to read their own charts and to share the experience with others.  I love my sound vibration practice, in which I use planetary forks and gongs to match every client’s personal vibration to their chart.  I also love working with the team at Debra Silverman Astrology where we are working to bring Astrology to the masses.

I love to Nurture, says the Cancer Moon…I love to Laugh, says the Gemini Sun…and I love to Shine my Light so that others can bask in their own, says the Leo Rising. I love, love, love what I do and love, love, love to share it with anyone who wants to listen!

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