Monica Mesa Dasi

Join the Movement August 15-18, 2019

Monica Mesa Dasi founded her first yoga studio in 2007 and became the creator of Yoga for the Peaceful brand studios. She is a bhakti devotional yogini, senior teacher, and an inspiring facilitator of 200/300-Hour Prana Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Trainings in Shiva Rea’s Samudra Global School of Living Yoga. A deep love for empowering yoga teachers to find their authentic voice and thrive in their practice and career inspired Monica to develop her beloved SOUL ON FIRE Yoga Teacher Mentorship online courses.

A mother of three sons living in the Colorado mountains, Monica is also a soul surfer, nordic skier, and proud Spanish speaker with Colombian roots who loves traveling and teaching around the world. She continues to develop new and innovative offerings to spread the healing power of yoga to everyone and ignite all hearts to live passionately with a soul on fire! Any connection with Monica can be expected to be infused with sacred ritual, celebration, and movement alchemy to honor all the rhythms of living, loving, and serving life. Her teaching is also influenced by her studies in Ayurveda, Buddhism, and attraction-based consciousness as well as her personal healing grief journey and a devotion to spreading the message of her Guru, Neem Karoli Baba: “Love everyone. Serve everyone. Remember God.”

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