Patrick Harrington

Join the Movement August 15-18, 2019!

Patrick Harrington is living a life that inspires him. Living between Costa Rica and Colorado he and his team, are co-creating the dynamic yoga studios known as Kindness Yoga. One of his driving philosophies, “We – as yoga studios and teachers – are not in competition with each other,” he says. “Rather, we are in competition with all the unconscious pursuits out there.” Patrick believes that yoga will direct culture towards a more awakened strategy of life. He encourages us to wake up to what we want to contribute and “quit messing around and get on with it!”

As the Co-Founder of the Kindness Collective, his chief aim is to practice the application of the thought and feeling of Kindness. Over the last two decades, he has evolved as an entrepreneur, teacher, husband, and father. He loves the balancing act that is living on the edge of personal development while nurturing and supporting family and business.

The Kindness Collective consists of 9 Yoga studios in the greater Denver area. One of the distinguishing features of their management culture being the practice of discernment, transparency, radical candor and living up to the mission that is our name, Kindness. Kindness Yoga is at its best when practicing the art of bringing transformation to the masses through the practice of yoga.

Kindness Yoga studios are founded on a simple premise: making yoga, mindfulness, and community accessible to everyone, we can help support the creation of a kinder, more responsible planet.

Living between the diverse environs of Costa Rica and Colorado he is constantly exposing himself to the contrasts of culture and place. He is a devoted Husband and Father of 2 Angel Girls.

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