Shannon Paige

Shannon Paige

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Shannon is a yoga teacher, yoga teacher’s teacher, storyteller and TedX speaker. She infuses her bodies of work with a fullness of artful living and passion for life on and off the yoga mat. Her instruments of instruction and expression are detailed and clear woven through a fluid progression of myth, imagery, poetry and truth. Shannon encourages and supports the practitioner to unlock secrets held in the human heart, release stuck patterns that no longer serve, and attain new levels of integrated embodiment. She is described by many as being “confidently vulnerable;” as a result, she is one who inspires positive change. Off the mat, she loves to spend time in the sun, wake surf, and run. Based out of Boulder, Colorado and her home studio and school, Earth Yoga Boulder and the School of Embodied Poetry, Shannon globetrots to deliver transformative classes, talks, trainings and retreats.

Founder of:
Earth Yoga Boulder Studio
The School of Embodied Poetry
The Embody Method
Anjali Restorative Yoga
Mythic Motion Yoga

Featured in:
Yoga Journal
Yoga International
SELF Magazine

Contributor for:
Yoga Journal
Expanded Families
Elephant Journal

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