Whitney Seymour Wheelock

Join the Movement August 15-18, 2019

When I was born my parents lived in my grandmother’s community, which focused on living the teachings of Gurdjieff. My parents were also practicing lawyers using the law to fight for the rights of others; children, battered women, injured workers, etc. From their example I learned the value of humanity, each individual’s right to freedom and love. At home my parents were reading ancient and modern perspectives such as Rumi, Milarepa, Gurdjieff and all the modern spiritual self help books available. From these perspectives I learned avenues to foster and express freedom and love.

During my childhood I also saw some of the challenges and hardships of modern life; divorce, alcoholism, etc. and then chose the safe, conservative life. I kept the spiritual side of myself as a personal world while outwardly going with the flow of modern America. I played soccer through college and graduated with a major in economics. Out of college I got a job in the United States Federal Reserve Bank. However, not wanting to work in a cubicle for the next sixty years, I left the Fed and found a job in wine sales and eventually managed a sales territory in America for a billion dollar wine portfolio. I married a successful corporate lawyer and lived the “perfect” life according to the American Dream until I realized that even with all of this I was not fulfilled. At that point it all meant nothing.

When my wife told me she wanted a divorce I was devastated. Disillusioned, I lost trust in the Dream. I wanted a second opinion on the meaning of life. I left America and played semi-professional soccer in Germany for a few months until I realized modern life in Europe was similar to America. Time for a third opinion, this time to Asia, a place I hoped would show me truly different paradigms for life.

In 2006 I attended a Kaula Tantra Yoga class in Thailand. I tasted something I liked and decided to stay for a month to explore traditional Tantra philosophy and Tantra Yoga. That month turned into a decade. In the following years I studied and practiced from the Kaula Tantra perspective. I began teaching in 2008 and for 8 years I participated in the creation, management and implementation of the daily programs at an ashram in India. During that time we certified over a thousand teachers in Tantra Yoga and I integrated a perspective that gave beauty and vibrancy to my life.

You can now find me at Sva-Tantra Ashram in South India sharing the Kaula Tantra perspectives and ways of life. www.Sva-Tantra.org.

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