Zo Hoka Dashati

Join the Movement August 15-18, 2019

More than 15yrs ago studying at the Zen School of Shiatsu and Healing Tao Centre in London, Zo began her journey into what was to become a life-long curiosity into the body, its self-healing capacity and the various ways to access optimal health. Simultaneously, her Heart was calling for a truth in relating – with herself and with others.

Born a Gemini, polarities and extremes were part of life so her path toward her deepest heart has been like a meandering stream rather than a straight arrow. Yet, she always sensed that somewhere beyond the polarities there was a place of wholeness and aliveness, excitement and honoring.

She found this in exploring triad relating with her pod comprising her 2 lovers and 2 children; experiencing the highest levels of honesty, integrity, commitment and unbridled love. This delicate, subtle and powerful bubble continues to birth a world of connection and magic her Heart has always known is possible.

Yoga, massage, tantra and meditation have been her lifeboat through the vast expressions of life and teaching these and creating spaces for people to experience all that they are has been her privilege and delight.

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